The Board's Role

The Professional Retail Store Maintenance Association (PRSM) is comprised of North America's most innovative and reputable retailers and vendors that need an equally dynamic organization committed to advancing the industry and the careers of those engaged in the retail facilities maintenance profession. PRSM’s leadership has committed to its members to be the industry leader by providing continuing education and information about current events as well as a thriving marketplace for the industry's best products and services.

PRSM is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors who are career professionals working in the industry each day as retail facilities management or vendors selling to and servicing retail facilities.  The Board consists of eight retail and seven vendor members who serve three-year rotating terms.  Two alternates, one retail and one vendor member are nonvoting board members who are available to move up to a board seat should a vacancy occur on the Board during a term. 

The Board’s responsibility is to ensure that the members’ needs and expectations are achieved with quality programs and services about retail facilities maintenance.  They have a fiduciary responsibility to oversee the strategic direction of the association and its financial stability by setting plans, programs and financial policies in place to ensure PRSM remains a viable and healthy membership organization.

Each year, the PRSM Board of Directors establishes goals derived from the Association’s three year, strategic plan.  Annual business plan goals and budgets are carried out by the staff and committees. 

The Committees' Role

These goals are shared among the various committees to accomplish the breadth and depth of the board’s directives.

The committee chair(s) is responsible for accomplishing the goals, strategies and programs assigned to the committee by the PRSM Board within the time frame established.  The Chair leads the board liaison, staff liaison and committee members to develop and coordinate committee activities designed to achieve these goals.  In addition, the Chair is responsible for recruiting or retaining committee members with approval from the PRSM President, documenting progress to goals and coordinating committee updates for the Board of Directors.  In conjunction with the PRSM staff liaison, the Chair also recommends and develops new programs to meet the ever-changing needs of the growing organization. 

Each committee has at least one committee chair who is appointed by the President of the Board of Directors for a one-year term.  The Chair may be re-appointed for a maximum of three consecutive years by the incoming Board President.  The Chair is accountable to the PRSM President and reports on the committee’s work and progress quarterly.

Each Committee Member serving on a PRSM committee has a direct impact on the development of policies and programs that achieve these goals, through active committee involvement.  Working closely with the Committee Chair/s and fellow committee members, each Committee Member is responsible for serving the entire membership by carrying out committee assignments and recommending new or revised programs that meet the ever-changing needs of a growing, dynamic organization.  Committee members give freely of their time and expertise to benefit PRSM and their member peers enabling PRSM to stay abreast of industry issues.

A visionary board of directors, in-touch committee members and a dedicated staff are a winning trifecta for PRSM!