PRSM's Story

In 1995, PRSM Association started as a conversation at a trade show about imagining what could be when several retailers identified a need to regularly exchange ideas and information specific to retail facilities maintenance.

Born out of a need to define facilities maintenance as an industry with professional management much like other careers, this band of retailers and vendors determined that for retail to continue to thrive in a vastly competitive market, there must be an association to protect each brand’s image and most valuable asset….the stores. 

The conversation quickly turned into a reality and PRSM was born as the first retail store maintenance association dedicated to raising the professionalism of the industry and educating  facilities maintenance professionals.  PRSM began through annual meetings and evolved into the premier organization it is today by investing its time and resources into programs that empower members to make informed business decisions and to achieve success in their FM roles.

Today, PRSM is the leading association delivering education, information, certification, events and forums to North America’s leading retailers and suppliers focused on facilities maintenance.


PRSM owes its Founding Members and Charter Members a debt of gratitude for their leadership and vision for recognizing the value of an association to facilities maintenance professionals and fostering our mission that still continues today.


Founding Members are eight individuals who applied for the Association's Articles of Incorporation and were instrumental in PRSM's early development as the original board of directors. These individuals are:

Jack Dennis
David DiCarlo
Robert Gibson
Wally Jones
Stan Moneta
Carl Nottberg
James Steinman
Willie Wofford, Jr.




Charter Members are those individuals who first joined PRSM Association in the early years between (August 1995 to December 31, 1996) and provided the foundation for future growth. Not all these individuals have had consecutive membership. But, they were members in the initial years and deserve to be recognized for that time period as a charter member.

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