Best Practices Submissions & Guidelines

PRSM's Best Practices Program develops best practices through industry white papers and books, which answer a current need of the Association's membership to acquire and share information about industry best business practices being utilized by retailers and vendors concerning retail facilities maintenance and management. Driven by PRSM's Best Practices Committee, and written by FM professionals sharing their own experiences and lessons learned, these papers are designed to share what other industry professionals are doing along with their successes and failures.  

Call for 2016 Best Practices Submissions | Deadline: September 30, 2015

PRSM is gearing up to publish its next book, 2015 Best Practices, enabling you to make a contribution to the industry and submit at least one or two of your most useful best practices. Your industry peers will be more than appreciative, and your company will be known as champions of better business by helping forge improved standards in facilities management.  

  • Is your company partnering with other member companies on innovative approaches to facilities management projects?
  • Have you saved a significant amount of time and/or money with operational or procedural changes?

Facilities professionals like you have thousands of business practices to share. Make a pledge to help your industry by taking a few minutes to summarize some of the great work you do every day. See below on how to participate.

How To Submit Best Practices

Please use this template to help organize your thoughts and submit the best practice paper. download-submission-template-button

2016 Best Practices Book

PRSM Best Practices books are invaluable resources containing many different types of solutions that help our members work smarter. You can contribute tips and tricks on business processes, techniques, cost-saving solutions and insight into the other side of the picture when things don't work well. This is an excellent learning opportunity for your staff to submit a departmental best practice and to receive recognition in the book as a writer or co-writer.

How to participate

  1. Write a one-page summary of your best practice. It can be as basic as a practice that ended up saving you $100 per store or saved you 10 minutes off of your daily routine.
  2. Submit it to PRSM for review via email to 
  3. Give us permission to print it with your name and company.
  4. See link to a sample best practice.

Guidelines for submitting

  • The Best Practice must clearly state the issue that confronted the organization.
  • It has to show the collaboration that took place between the customer and the supplier/vendor.
  • It has to show the benefit that was achieved either as a cost savings or avoidance, an improvement in process or efficiency and/or there was a significant impact on quality.

Sample Best Practice Submissions

If you need help with your idea, reach out to PRSM Staff at 

Best Practice White Papers

PRSM invites all current members to share  "Best Practices" by submitting white papers (5-10 pages in length). We are interested in initiatives that will benefit the practice of Retail Facilities Maintenance. If you have developed material or undertaken a project that has been well received in the Retail Facilities Community, send them to us via email to


Contact PRSM Staff at via email or at 972.231.9810.